Pocketoid Episode 5 -WE ARE SOOO SORRY!!

Pocketoid is the Destructoid community'sOMGGUYSWEARESOSORRY!! We've been on a hiatus due to me getting married. Then we tried to record twice and it ended up not working due to technical problems, then we recorded this episode almost a week ago and so now it's late, haha. We'll have another episode up in a couple of days. Until then, enjoy this episode where we basically just catch up on news stories from the last month or so. Sorry about the poppiness in the sound as well. I'm buying a new freaking microphone this week. Also, Pokemon.


  1. Holy crap, I need to play catch-up. These all kinda snuck up on me.

    I'm not dead, just don't wanna use twitter anymore because it irritates me. I think I'll just hang out here instead. :p

  2. Haha! It's good to hear from you man! I was wondering where you went to.