Pocketoid Episode 28: 2012 Portable Games of the Year, Gunman Clive, and POKEMON XY OMG

This episode took so long to edit SO YOU BETTER ENJOY IT. Seriously though, this is a really fun episode and we had a BUNCH to talk about! Join Addison and me (Jordan) at Pocketoid's 1st annual portable game of the year awards show for your face. Or P1APGOTYASFYF!

Also listen to us freak OUT about Pokemon X and Y!! AHHHHHHHHH!! Also, Addison bought a PS Vita! So listen to us freak out over Persona 4. We've also got a review for Gunman Clive, a game that you should buy with your money! We hope that you guys enjoy it!

Click HERE for a direct download of episode 28! (right click, save as)

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