Pocketoid 52 - Battleheart Legacy, Nvidia Shield, and E3 2014!

In this episode we've some things to talk to you guys about that probably have to do with handheld video games I reckon! This episode took a while to get out, but I honestly think it was one of our most we've had recording. We've got reviews of Battleheart Legacy (iOS), Van Helsing Sniper zx100 (3DS eShop), Alien on the Run! (3DS eShop), The Denpa Men 3 (sorta) (3DS eShop), and maybe some things I forgot! Who even knows!? OH! We also have a review of the Nvidia Shield! Jordan picked one up and has been digging it pretty ok! We've also got some stuff from E3 2014 to talk about as well!...But not much.

Anyway, we hope that you guys enjoy the episode!

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