Pocketoid 76: Chicken Wiggle, Severed, and more!

In this episode of Pocketoid:

  • Lots of games!
  • Please forgive Jordan for not taking his ADHD meds. He's a gentle boy.
  • Sonic Mania is still REALLY good!
  • Wolfenstein helps us feel better about world events.
  • Pokken Tournament DX and Monster Hunter XX demos!
  • Elimage Original is a new (old) dungeon-crawling RPG for the 3DS
  • Severed is very good and yet we never played it until now??
  • Graceful Explosion Machine is an excellent shooter about a candy corn
  • Piczle Lines DX brings Picross-like gameplay to the Switch!
  • Chicken Wiggle is a great reason to pick your 3DS back up!

Send us your Chicken Wiggle levels!

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