Pocketoid 131: Fire Emblem: Three Houses with Eric from Tiny Cartridge!

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  • A bit of a long one cause we got A LOT to cover! 
  • Pardon a couple of minor audio jumps due to recording with a different setup.
  • We're joined by Eric from Tiny Cartridge!
  • Eric has been playing books
  • Addison has been playing Anime Skeleton Picross
  • Jordan has been playing Final Fantasy XIV... uh ohhhh
  • KFC in China is wildin
  • Jordan, Addison, and Eric discuss Fire Emblem: Three Houses!
  • What dog IS Waluigi?
  • Eric has the hookup on your skincare!
  • Thanks to Eric for joining us and we'll see you all next week!
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Be sure to check out the Tiny Cartridge TinyCast as well!

Intro: Time Trials - Hyper Potions - GameChops

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