Pocketoid 164: Flip Grip creator Mike Choi Part 2: Peripherals and Accessories!

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  •  We are joined by designer, hacker, musician, and Flip Grip creator Mike Choi!
  •  The Airflo controller finally gets its day.
  •  Kids today will never understand the Game Gear TV Tuner.
  •  Is the Super Game Boy a console or a peripheral? 
  •  We all sell our Poke' Walkers for a million dollars.
  •  Bring back the Game Shark PLEASE.
  •  Nintendo Labo is going to save the world.
  •  Lego Mario is going to burn the world down.
  •  The Nintendo Switch is kind of the peripheral dream!
  •  Thank you so much to Mike once again! Go check out the Flip Grip, one of our FAVORITE peripherals!

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