Pocketoid 178: Hades, Fight Crab, Hotshot Racing, and more!

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  •  Baby coming and it is going to mess up our schedule even more! Sorry guys!
  •  Tony Hawk misses us.
  •  Mario 35 is pretty fun! Why is it going away in March?
  •  Animal Crossing: New Horizons has Halloween stuff now!
  •  Fight Crab is a wild and completely accurate crab fight simulator.
  •  Hades is extremely good and hot and fun!
  •  Hotshot Racing is nearly the perfect throwback arcade racer!
  •  Kirby Fighters 2 let's Kirby kick all kinds of ass and is a wholesome good time!
  •  Monster Hunter: Stories is an extremely good video game we should have played sooner!
  •  We discuss more about Nintendo's lacking Virtual Console solutions, but also... It's fine guys.
  •  Enjoy the episode! See you soon!

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