Pocketoid 187: Nintendo Switch OLED, E3 2021, Demos, Void Bastards, and more!

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  •  Jordan's mic broke! Hooray!
  •  We discuss the new Nintendo Switch OLED!
  •  Jordan also played some retro games! Who would have thought!?
  •  Addison gives his thoughts on Balan Wonderworld. Oh boy.
  •  Addison likes Doki Doki Literature Club! Don't let your kids play it.
  •  Addison checks out Zombie Rollerz!
  •  Jordan's trying very hard to finish Monster Hunter Stories!
  •  Jordan really likes Part Time UFO!
  •  Jordan also REALLY likes Void Bastards!
  •  Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a demo!
  •  NEO: The World Ends with You also has a demo!
  •  The boys discuss some cool stuff they liked from E3 2021!
  •  See you guys next time!

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