Pocketoid 200: Playdate Interview with Panic!

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  •  We interview a couple of the folks from Panic about their new handheld, the Playdate!
  •  Thanks so much to Arisa and Neven for joining us!
  •  We are very excited to have a new handheld to talk about!
  •  What is the Playdate?
  •  Why does the Playdate have a crank?
  •  What kinds of games does Panic hope to see for the Playdate?
  •  What were some of Panic's biggest challenges in creating the Playdate?
  •  Why is the Playdate yellow?
  •  What would it be like to date a Playdate?
  •  All these and many more questions get answered in this really fun episode!
  •  Thanks so much to Arisa and Neven for coming on once again!
  •  For more cool stories about the development of the Playdate, check out the official Playdate Podcast!
  • Oh! Check out Sketch, Share, Solve, a great Playdate Picross game by Pocketoid listener RDK!

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