Pocketoid 73 - Cursed Castilla EX, Bulb Boy, and Vaccine!

In this episode of Pocketoid:

- NEW OPENING! Time Trials by Hyper Potions!
- Jordan is sick!
- Thank you Amazon for all the cheap 3DS games
- Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is really really really good!
- Ever Oasis is uh... Not off to a great start.
- Jordan is a jerk and forgot to ask Addison what he's been playing
- Review of Vaccine, a really tough survival horror roguelike on Switch.
- Review of Bulb Boy, a super creepy and super cute adventure game on Switch!
- Review of Cursed Castilla EX, a tough-as-nails arcade action platformer on 3DS!
- We're going to have to double down on episodes this month with SO many games coming out!!

Should we both pick up Splatoon 2 this week? What do you think we're made of money?

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