Pocketoid 74 - Splatoon 2, Hey Pikmin, and Miitopia!

In this episode of Pocketoid:

- Friends playing Splatoon 2 in the background
- Check out our Facebook Page!
- Jordan went camping and brought his Arduboy
- Castle Boy for the Arduboy is a really excellent Castlevania demake!
- Ever Oasis is eh, it's ok.
- Hey! Pikmin brings those cute plant boys to your 3DS!
- Miitopia is 2017's best game featuring Shadow the Hedgehog.
- Splatoon 2 is eating our lives and we will not apologize.
- Nintendo's Switch app is garbo
- Stop whining about Metroid

Hey, why haven't you been playing Spla2n with us!? Hit us up!

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