Pocketoid 94: PAX West 2018 Games Part 1

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  • WE WENT TO PAX WEST 2018!!
  • But first some games we played like...
  • Into the Breach, The Messenger, Treadnauts, and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
  • Addison's Top 5 PAX Discoveries: Killer Queen Black, My Friend Pedro, World of Horror, Streets of Rage 4, and Young Souls
  • Jordan's Top 5 PAX Discoveries: Streets of Rage 4, Young Souls, YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, Gato Roboto, Achtung: Cthulhu Tactics
  • Lots of other great games as well such as Windjammers 2, Windjammers Switch, Treadnaut, Gris, and more!
  • Stay tuned for Part 2 soon, where we'll cover everything else we played as well!
We couldn't believe how much we had to talk about this week! What have you been playing? Tell us on Twitter or our Facebook Page!

Intro: Time Trials - Hyper Potions - GameChops

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