Pocketoid 95: PAX West 2018 Games Part 2

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  • WE WENT TO PAX WEST 2018!!
  • We played SOOOO many games! If you haven't heard Part 1, be sure to check that out first!
  • We dive right into it to cover a whole heaping ton of games, which you can find listed below!
  • UFO 50, Dragon Marked For Death, Wattam, Double Cross, Joggernauts, Phogs, Walking Vegatables, Risk of Rain 2, Aragami, Spark Light, Crystal Crisis, Samurai Gunn 2, Moonlighter, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Party, Blood Roots, Buildings Have Feelings Too, Tetris Effect, Metal Wolf Chaos, The Gardens Between, Biomutant, Soul Calibur 6, The World Next Door, The Spectrum Repeat, Resident Evil 2, Chasm, Swords & Soldiers, and more!
  • Not all of these handheld related, but that's alright once in a while!
  • Man we played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guys.
  • We answer a couple of your dumb questions.
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Intro: Time Trials - Hyper Potions - GameChops

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