Pocketoid 202: Cotton Fantasy, Galacticon, the Playdate, and more!

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  •  A new and very timely episode appears!
  •  Fishing Paradiso is a game Addison is... reviewing next time.
  •  Jordan was on his back for a week and played a bunch of new Sega Saturn games.
  •  Jordan accidentally spoils his upcoming Citizen Sleeper review.
  •  Jordan and Addison review very important and serious game Assault ChaingunS KM.
  •  Jordan reviews Galacticon!
  •  Jordan and Addison review Cotton Fantasy!
  • Addison reviews the Playdate and its initial games!
  • Addison reviews Bloom!
  • We answer a few of your questions! We'll get to the others next time!

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