Pocketoid 203: Citizen Sleeper, Fishing Paradiso, and More!

In this episode of Pocketoid:
  •  Through the fire and flames of life happening, we bring you a new episode.
  •  Both of us had a really awful month so this episode has taken a lot of work.
  •  Jordan played some Game Boy games!
  •  Jordan 1cc'd Streets of Rage 4!
  •  Jordan played a bit of Triangle Strategy!
  •  Addison finally plays some Dragon's Dogma!
  •  Resident Evil 4 is a cozy game.
  •  Addison reviews the Playdate and its initial games!
  •  Addison reviews Fishing Paradiso!
  •  Jordan reviews Citizen Sleeper!
  • We answer a few of your questions! We'll get to the others next time!

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